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Kitsue Clover

Fox species panelist
THERE IS NO "N" IN MY NAME!! Now that that is out of the way, HAI I'm Kitsue, but most people call me Kit. I also respond to Fox, Lady, Hey you with the face, etc. I tend to be a little hyper and I love making new fur friends, so please if you see me, recognize my badge name or my character, or whatever say HAI! I will also most of the time accept huggs when offered :3
My fursona is an Orange Fox. Shaggy brown hair with big lime green bangs. Rainbow earring set in right ear, red heart plug in left, and a big bell collar. Not much else to it other than being orange, white, and black.
I do draw!!! I would LOVE to get some commissions so please ask if you'd like something. I am up to trades if I feel they are fair! If you want something digital or traditional with color I can do that at home, otherwise I will be able to do sketches in people's sketchbooks :3

My Panelists Sessions

Saturday, January 19

2:00pm PST